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    • “Hi, I am Dr. Kellie Barrett and I’m a veterinarian here in Tucson and I recommend Ruff House Dog Training & Behavior Modification.”

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      Dr. Kellie Barrett, DVM
    • “I have practiced veterinary medicine in 4 different states over the past 12 years and without a doubt, Crystal is one of the most professional, educated, and compassionate trainers I have ever had the pleasure to work with and learn from. Crystal worked personally with my own adult dogs at my house and in Ruff House training classes. Her understanding of behavior and attention to detail regarding each pets individual needs is beyond impressive allowing for a thorough yet simple approach to even the most complicated behavioral issues. She is brilliant in her focus and approach, able to incorporate all aspects of training and most importantly, never forgets that those who need the most training are often the owners themselves…..even the veterinarians.

      Crystal, her husband Michael and Ruff House Dog Training are special. Their compassion, dedication, understanding, patience and resolve are evident in all they do for me, my clients, my patients and all animal lovers who know, “they are not just pets, but family.” Tucson is fortunate to have such an asset and service. I will continue to rely on Crystal’s expertise and recommend her to all those in need. Thank you Crystal…. for all you do to improve the bond between us and our extended furry family.”

      Scott O. Miller, DVM
    • “We hired Crystal Blaker from Ruff House Dog Training to help train our two, sibling Golden Doodle puppies, Muffin and Ranger. As puppies, they required intensive instruction. Initially we participated in their 8-week puppy training where they learned basic commands, good manners and how to walk together loosely on the leash. After the group puppy class we went on to purchase a 15-session, Puppy PhD program to do further work on the basics and work on potty training and learning not to jump up on us or our guests. We are very pleased with the results that the training provided.

      We highly recommend Crystal and Ruff House Dog Training. If you follow what she teaches, your dog will become a great companion with good manners and obedience skills.”

      Carole & Travis Estes
    • “We have a one and a half year old Shih Tzu named Romeo who had several behavioral issues. Two of them, separation anxiety and uncontrollability on his leash around other dogs, were especially severe. We turned to Crystal at Ruff House and engaged her for the two week live-in program at her house. We called it “Boot Camp.” With follow-on help from Crystal we continued to work with Romeo after the tremendous head start she gave him at Boot Camp. In fact we now understand that it is never over and we will always have to reinforce what he learned from Crystal and from us afterwards. By training Romeo to his crate, which he now loves and where he now spends all his time when we are sleeping and whenever we’re away from the house, his separation anxiety his been largely eliminated. His leash behavior is also much improved but is a longer-term proposition requiring a lot of work on our part. With follow-on advice from Crystal we are confident that problem will also be eliminated.”

      Lee & Kathleen Hessler
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