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    • “We just finished the Puppy Obedience Class, with Ruff House, with Crystal Blaker. We really enjoyed the class, had a lot of fun. And we really appreciated the fact that the class size was so small.” “We really got individual attention.” “Crystal was really great about giving all the owners tips with there particular breed of dog.” “Not only were we training the dogs, but we were also getting trained as owners.” Chip, my 5-month old Jack Russell Terrier “went from being very shy and timid the first week to just loving going to puppy class and seeing his friends and playing with them in between the training sessions.”

      (To see the full video testimonial, click on Audra & Chip’s name below)

      Audra & Chip
    • While in NYC for Thanksgiving, we rescued Jackson; a 45 lb, 8 month old lab/border collie mix. Jackson was living with a relative and was going to be sent to a shelter because they couldn’t take care of him, although he was supposed to be well behaved. We decided to fly him back to Tucson with us; we are in our 70s and already had 2 small dogs but thought we could accommodate one more.

      As soon as we got him home he began to jump on us and was virtually uncontrollable. After a few days of desperately trying to train him, I called several trainers and all were completely filled until after the New Year. I started checking no kill shelters because we could not continue with him until sometime in January. Finally, I left a message at Ruff House and requested a recommendation for a no kill shelter in Tucson, indicating that we needed to give him up. Crystal called us back that night and said she would come over the next day at 8:00AM and see what she could do to help. By 9:00AM Jackson was no longer jumping on us and we had learned several techniques for walking him in a controlled fashion as well as socializing him with the other dogs. The following week Crystal came to the house and helped us get our alpha female Chihuahua and Jackson to coexist. We have now used Ruff House to board and train Jackson for two weeks while we were traveling, have attended a group training session and have had a follow-up session at our home to reinforce what Jackson learned when he was boarded.

      From the above, it is obvious that we would not have Jackson now were it not for Ruff House coming to our rescue. Jackson will be 1 year old in 2 weeks and he is now well integrated into our family. We know how to channel his energy, train and correct him, and act as the leader of our pack. Whenever we have questions or concerns, Crystal quickly returns our calls or emails and is able to come up with great suggestions to rectify issues that occur. We think Ruff House is fantastic and give it the highest possible rating.

      Sheldon Guttman
    • “I call Crystal the dog whisperer because every time Chloe sees her, even if months have gone by, the dog is so happy to see her and is totally mesmerized by her. Crystal’s training methods are unique and effective. Chloe could perform the basic commands and more, but was having difficulty obeying in distracting situations. So some of our sessions with Crystal were held in public places. She always gives thorough explanations and demonstrates techniques. After the training sessions, Crystal sends notes so that you can continue working with your dog. Additionally, Crystal has made herself available by email when we have a problem with Chloe; after all’s she is still a puppy. Crystal is prompt in getting back to us and her training tips work so that we can get the behavior under control.”

      “I can’t say enough about Crystal! She has a strong educational background and years of experience working with dogs. She has a special connection with the animal so that her training is extremely effective and she accomplishes that using positive reinforcement techniques.”

      “We are so fortunate to have found Crystal and highly recommend her.”

      Terry & Martha Perl
    • “Crystal is very intuitive when it comes to identifying behavioral issues with dogs and how to address them. Her advice on crate training and how to get my dog to stop growling at strangers helped so much! Benji was “rough around the edges,” when we first got him, and now he is such a different dog.”

      Michaela Littleton
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