Are You Overfeeding Your Dog?

Overfeeding your dog is unhealthy and can lead to lifelong health issues for you dog, and it’s surprising very easy to monitor your dog’s diet so they can be healthy and vibrant.

The easiest way to prevent your dog from becoming overweight is to measure out the amount food you feed them. Don’t scoop your hand in their food bag and dump that into their food bowl or use an old coffee can to scoop and dump food into their bowl. You will have no idea how much you are feeding your dog, sure you can guess, but when it comes down to it, it will never be consistent. One question your veterinary clinic will always ask is how much do you feed your dog? They ask because they want to know if there has been a change in appetite. If you don’t know how much you are feeding your dog then you may not be aware of any underlying health issues. Many veterinary clinics have measuring cups they can give you for free so next time you go in for an annual checkup ask them if they have a free measuring cup to give you.

Second way to prevent your dog from becoming overweight is to feed them twice daily rather than grazing all day, yet there is much debate over this topic. There are times when you need to feed your dog twice a day, such as a possible medical issue or young puppies may need to be fed more depending on their breed. By feeling you dog twice a day, you know exactly how much they’re eating at each meal. You can also work on obedience commands and impulse control during feeding time by commanding them to stay on Place or in a down-stay, so they don’t follow you around when you are getting their meal ready. Once your dog’s meal is ready, call your dog to you, set the bowl down, have your dog look at you.  Once they have obeyed all commands then release your dog to their food. By doing this they will learn to be calm, patient and obedient towards you even when they are excited about meal time.

The last recommendation is to not feed your dog the recommended amount listed on a dry bag of dog food. Most of the recommend amounts in dry dog food bags listed are generally too much for a dog to eat during meal time.

Consult with your veterinarian to decide what the proper amount of food for your dog is. This will depend on your dog’s age, breed and activity level.

Fat dogs

A healthy dog is a lean dog, especially if you lead an active lifestyle. A fit dog will have more energy, stamina and a longer healthier life.

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