In addition to delivering the highest-level of traditional dog training programs all while providing an unmatched customer-service experience, we take pleasure in providing the following unique services to our customers:

6-Week Tricks ONLINE Program = $75

Class starting: Monday, April 16th (**UNLIMITED NUMBER OF SPOTS AVAILABLE**)
Location: ONLINE (Class web address will be sent to you once you register)

***For dogs of any age and any breed***
6-Week Tricks ONLINE Program — is a 6-week, online class that culminates in your dog testing for a nationally-recognized trick dog title. The program will consist of weekly-video postings for you to watch at your convenience, with a few new tricks to teach your dog over the following 7 days. During the 6-weeks of videos you will learn 18-20 tricks which is more than the 15 tricks you and your dog will need to perform to test for your trick dog title. This will allow you to pick the tricks that work best for you and your dog. At the end of the 6-weeks you will record a video and upload it to a private web address for Crystal to evaluate and verify the completion of 15 novice-level tricks performed. Once this is accomplished you will earn a Novice Trick Dog title from Do More With Your Dog!, the official sanctioning and organizing body for the sport of Dog Tricks.

Therapy Dog Training:

Price varies – Contact Us

New Dog & Breed Selection Guidance:

This is for the individual or family that is ready for a dog but not sure which to choose. Ruff House can help you choose a dog that will fit best with your family and lifestyle. We can make breed suggestions, evaluate a litter or test a dog’s temperment before you adopt, rescue or buy. We can meet you at the local humane society, pound, rescue or local breeder. Owning a dog is a big responsibility and we can help you avoid additional problems and frustrations.
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Puppy Maintenance Guidance:

Price Varies – Contact Us