In addition to delivering the highest-level of traditional dog training programs all while providing an unmatched customer-service experience, we take pleasure in providing the following unique services to our customers:

Therapy Dog Training:

Price varies – Contact Us

New Dog & Breed Selection Guidance:

This is for the individual or family that is ready for a dog but not sure which to choose. Ruff House can help you choose a dog that will fit best with your family and lifestyle. We can make breed suggestions, evaluate a litter or test a dog’s temperament before you adopt, rescue or buy. We can meet you at the local humane society, pound, rescue or local breeder. Owning a dog is a big responsibility and we can help you avoid additional problems and frustrations.
Price varies – Contact Us

Puppy Maintenance Guidance:

Price Varies – Contact Us

Ruff House Pack Walks:

Come join our family as we enjoy a nice hike in our beautiful desert surroundings. Your Dog(s) must be people and dog social. This is a free event, we just want to enjoy spending time with you and your dogs(s) doing something they love. Email to RSVP and we will tell you where to meet up for the hike.

Hike Date: Stay Tuned for Upcoming Dates
Location: RSVP to to receive the meet up location