Our seminars offer dog owners the opportunity to work with nationally-renown dog trainers in small-group intensives over a 2-3 day period. The trainers we feature at these exclusive, limited enrollment events are some of the same trainers that our own Crystal Blaker has worked with and honed her training skills under. You will find more info on our upcoming special events listed below. If you would like some help determining if any of the events might be a fit for you and your dog please call the Director of Training, Crystal at 520-820-7252.

Resolving Conflict in Human/Canine Relationship

Instructor: Mark McCabe / Training Between the Ears
Lecture/Workshop dates:  June 14th – 16th, 2018
Location: Aldea Church – 8800 North La Cañada Drive, Tucson AZ 85704

Resolving Conflict in Human/Canine Relationship – In this 3-day lecture/workshop you will learn Mark McCabe’s gentle and simple process for transforming very difficult dogs and changing their relationship with their owners. Whether your connection to dogs involves rehabilitating rescue dogs, competing with performance dogs, helping clients with difficult dogs, or just enjoying your own pet, this discussion is for you. Mark’s thoughtful, respectful, and innovative approach to communicating with your dog can help you eliminate the conflict in your training and relationship while getting more of the behavior you want and less of the behavior you don’t. This approach creates a close, trusting, and enjoyable relationship for both the dog and their people. Mark’s methods are of value to all dogs, but especially those which have been hard to reach, those which are reactive, aggressive, hyper-intense, highly anxious, or fearful. His focus is on understanding and valuing the internal state of the animal and actually changing how the animal feels about people, other animals and things in its environment, not just on its external behavior.

Biography/About – Mark McCabe, Canine Behaviorist

NOTE: Early Bird Rates – thru May 1, 2018

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